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Compliance Corner

Desert Landscape & Boat Dock Railing Standards

In the previous edition of the Ocotillo Community Association Magazine, the “Spruce Up Yards” article mentioned that no desert landscaping is allowed. Please remember when picking out your plants, all desert landscape varieties, including plants in pots, Cacti, Palo Verde trees, etc. are considered strictly desert flora. Any type of artificial flower, plant,
tree or turf, are also not permitted. Please refer to the Standards. There is a suggested landscape pallet, located on page 20 of the Standards or please feel free to contact our office at 480-704-2900 if you have any questions.
In addition, please note that the Board has approved new boat dock railing standards listed below. The standards will be included in the upcoming update to the Design Standards & Community Rules.
The standard will include the following detail:
  • Poles must be between 36” and 42” in height
  • Wrought iron must be black and decorative unless otherwise approved
  • Wood poles must be either 6” square or 6” diameter round
  • Rope between wood poles must be maximum 1”-2” diameter

Boat Registration

To register your boat simply, complete a Boat Registration and a Watercraft Indemnification form or call Premier Community Management, attach a photo of your boat, the $20.00 registration fee in the form of check or money order, and mail it to the attention of the Ocotillo Admin. Soon after, you will receive your official OCA Boat Registration decal in the mail.
Please remember to have in your possession your Association membership card while boating on any of The Ocotillo Community Association lakes. Also, for safety reasons, boating is not permitted on lakes contiguous with the golf course, except during non-golf course hours, which will vary depending on the time of the year.
If you do not presently own a boat and are considering purchasing one, please keep in mind that all private waterfront lots where boats are housed must have a dock constructed. Plans must be submitted for architectural review prior to construction. The Landscape/Architectural Submittal Form and typical dock construction plans can be downloaded here or picked up from Premier Community Management’s office.
Game and Fish requires all electric boats used on public and private waterways be registered with them. For additional information on the registration process you can visit their website or call 602-942-3000
Should you have any questions regarding boats, docks, or any other compliance issues please contact Dawnette at 480-704-2900, or send an email.